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What is internet radio? It's a great way to listen to music online. Many people already use internet radios to listen to their mp3 players and shortwave radios while they are outside. But with the recent merger of Pandora Media and Sirius, internet radio will also be coming to your home, especially if you have a Sirius or XM account. But what is internet radio, how does it work, and why are you should get one?

Internet radio is a new technology that lets you listen to internet radio over the internet by connecting your computer to a microphone and speakers. One kind of such device may be called an "internet radio" or a "webradio". This device typically has its own speakers, and may look like a regular AM-FM radio in your nightstand or bookcase. Instead of getting radio signals from local radio stations, it gets its digital signal from a copyright holder called the soundexchange.

Soundexchange contracts with radio stations to allow them to play internet radio broadcasts for free, with no royalties or other charges. The stations must purchase licenses from the soundexchange in order to participate in this program. These licenses are renewed periodically and must be renewed separately each year. The cost of internet radio is substantially lower than comparable radio broadcasts, which makes it a good option for many radio stations that do not make a profit from traditional broadcasts.

To find internet radio stations in your area, visit the site of the National Radio Stations Association (NRSA). On the homepage of the site, you will see a list of all participating radio stations. You can either search for a particular city or town, or just choose to browse by state. If you are searching by state, you will have filtered your results based on the state you live in. Click on the radio stations listed in order of popularity.

One nice feature of internet radio is the option to listen live online. With traditional radio, you would have to tune in to a radio broadcast at that particular moment in time, which would restrict you to whatever station was playing at that moment. Internet radio allows you to listen live to your chosen music, and can give you up to date information about the radio show including playlists, radio shows schedules, and interviews with the hosts and featured artists. However, there is a limitation to listening online-you cannot bookmark a song or channel to repeat. You will need to bookmark the music or channel and come back to it later to hear it.

Internet radio services are growing quickly in popularity throughout the United States and world. With many more Americans finding the convenience of listening to their favorite radio station through the internet, the growth of internet radio services has become a booming industry. The popularity of internet radio services is expected to continue to grow substantially in the coming years as more Americans gain access to satellite radio programming through downloadable programs such as Sirius and XM satellite radio systems. Internet radio services have become a great choice for people who love listening to music, but do not want to be bound by a set schedule and miss their favorite songs while they were out of town. As internet radio services continue to expand, listeners will be able to broaden their radio listening experience and take control of how they listen to the radio.

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Thank you for this post about radio

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