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Moving Day Tips And Tricks

Moving is a lot of work. It involves a lot of time, work and planning to be successful. So when it comes down to your actual Moving Day, you want things to go easily. These tips are designed to make your Moving Day easier.

1.Make sure your cell phone is fully charged. One thing you definitely don't want to be on your Moving Day is "unreachable." That goes for both you and everyone else who will be participating in your big day.

2.Start your day early. You'll want to make sure that one of the things you don't pack ahead of time is your alarm clock. Set it for a wake-up time that's well before your help set to arrive.

3.Recruit as much help as you can stand. There are plenty of things to be done on Moving Day, even if you have professional movers showing up. Make sure that each person has at least a general idea of which things are going and what rooms they are going to in your new place. Have them help answer questions, run last minute errands, serve food- whatever will take the most stress off you.

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4.Use sitters- Kids and pets are your treasures, and they deserve to have full attention. On Moving Day, that full attention should be from sitters, not from you. It will make things easier on everyone.

5.Food is your friend- Whether you have professional movers or friends and family, having coffee, orange juice, and bagels or donuts available will make it easier for everyone to get started on Moving Day. It will also help reduce burnout as the day wears on.

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6.Keep cell phone numbers ready and programmed into your phone. Be certain you have the cell phone number of the driver of the truck entered into your cell phone, and that the driver has yours in case you get separated or have a problem. That holds true for everyone else who might be lending a hand on your move.

7.Have correct payment ready and waiting. If you're using professional movers, on Packers and Movers Ahmedabad Day keep in mind that almost all of them will expect and demand payment in full and in cash before they will unload a single box from the moving truck. Make sure you have payment ready and in a form that they will accept as soon as they arrive at your final destination.

8.Directions- You need to have directions and a map ready for anyone will be driving between your old place and your new place. Have several copies ready just in case you need them.

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